Finland Helsinki University Rape Tariq Ramadan

Finland: Helsinki University nixes Tariq Ramadan’s paneled speaking event due to rape investigation…….

A couple days ago it was brought to my attention that Helsinki University had scheduled a panel of speakers to participate in an event headlined as “What does Islam have to offer in prevention of radicalization?“, one of the main speakers invited was Tariq Ramadan. 


As I noted then, I wondered how the organizers of the event , could “square that round peg of inviting someone with the cloud of rape hanging over his head to speak on ‘radicalization’?” So I reached out to them (Helsinki University) on Twitter and received the following:



At the suggestion of a friend, I also advised that Helsinki University follow the lead of Imperial College London, which postponed Ramadan’s speaking engagement for October 24th of this year. It appears that the Helsinki University organizers did in fact take the news seriously of French prosecutors conducting an investigation into the charges, and postponed the entire event.


Apparently Tariq Ramadan speaking was of more importance than the entire panel and event itself, so they shelved it until the situation surrounding the rape charge is settled. Kudos to the Helsinki University for doing the right thing. I also encourage them to counter balance the panel for diversity of thought instead of having yet another echo chamber panel of speakers.


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