Finland Rape Tariq Ramadan

French authorities investigate Tariq Ramadan’s alleged rape of woman, Ramadan still invited to Helsinki University panel on Islam…….

UPDATE: Helsinki University tweets the TT with the following:


The University of Helsinki has an upcoming seminar on IS­LAM AND RE­LI­GIOUS TO­LE­RA­TION (Saturday 11, November at 9.30 am– 3.30 pm
Venue: University’s Main Building, hall 5 Fabianinkatu 33) Tariq Ramadan is a scheduled speaker and panel guest. Ramadan is a Muslim Brotherhood front man, and now someone with the charges of rape hanging over his head.


I wonder if, in light of recent events, whether the organizers of the event, Reason and Religious Recognition board members: or, Academy of Finland board Chair, Professor Heikki Ruskoaho, University of Helsinki, Vice Chair, Director Leena Suurpää, Finnish Red Cross, have anything to say about having Mr.Ramadan to speak at their event?


An investigation opened after the rape charge against Tariq Ramadan

 By with AFP, published on 

An investigation was opened in Paris after the filing of a complaint, in particular for rape, targeting the Swiss Islamologist. Charges he challenges.

L'islamologue suisse Tariq Ramadan est visé par une enquête pour viol.

Justice will investigate after the rape charges against Tariq Ramadan . A complaint was lodged in Rouen by Henda Ayari. The local prosecutor’s office was divested in favor of Paris, where the facts denounced would have occurred.


An investigation was opened into the counts of ” rape, sexual assault, violence and death threats “. Aged 40, Henda Ayari, a former Salafist who became a feminist and secularist activist, accused the Swiss Islamologist and theologian on Friday of his Facebook page, for these facts, in full liberation from the talk of sexual harassment .


Complaint for slanderous denunciation


She had already narrated them in a book, I chose to be free,published in November 2016 at Flammarion. But she explained that she did not want to reveal the name of her attacker because of “threats from her”.


“By modesty, I will not give here precise details of the acts that he has done to me.It is enough to know that he has greatly benefited from my weakness,” she wrote then, assuring that when she s “is” rebelled, that she “shouted at him to stop”, he “insulted”, “slapped” and “abused”.


More in French here.

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