French mayor fears his port town of Ouistreham will become yet another refugee center…….

The revolving door of Muslim settlers using European states as doormats…


Help us… or our town will become the new Sangatte: French mayor fears his port town will turn into another refugee centre as dozens of men target trucks

Smugglers charging migrants £6k to sneak get into Britain


It is a scene reminiscent of Calais before the notorious Jungle migrant camp was torn down. Dozens of young men (pictured) target lorries as they drive slowly towards the quiet ferry port of Ouistreham in Normandy.


Without a policeman in sight, they break open the back doors and hide inside the trucks in the hope of reaching the UK. This daily – and potentially deadly – game of ‘cat and mouse’ prompted officials in the town to plead for help. eputy Mayor Luc Jammet warned that Ouistreham, which serves as a port for nearby Caen, was in danger of turning into ‘the new Sangatte’ – a reference to the centre near Calais that attracted thousands of migrants and became a haven for people smugglers before it was closed down in 2002.


He said the town’s infrastructure and small police force is not equipped to deal with a ‘well-coordinated group of young men determined to get to Britain’. Put off by high security at Calais, young African and Asian men started arriving earlier this year and numbers have grown rapidly.


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