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Iran nuke deal: EU foreign minister Marxist Mogherini insists Trump can’t negate deal…….

It’s a rotten deal, and should be uprooted entirely, and start over from scratch…


From a true security perspective, it’s amazingly clear that the EU and prior Obama administration officials know that what they did was purely for political expediency. Allowing for an example, the Iranians to send soil samples to the IAEA collected by themselves proves that any deal with Iran was the key aim for these despicable politicians.


The fake EU foreign minister, Federica Mogherini, has no right to lecture the US president on a deal that they know fully well just kicks the can down the road for ten years, with Iran then free to pursue nukes. She’s not fooling anyone who knows better. There’s no easy solution, but the one that’s been already implemented is not a solution, by far, and needs to be shelved with a new agreement with some serious teeth in it. How do we know that it will have teeth?


When all Western nations that matter agree that Iran has no right to a nuclear weapon, and arranges a one => way agreement with Iran, and places draconian sanctions against them if they fail to deliver, with the last threat after sanctions fail being the blockading of their oil ships from ports in countries where it’s refined into gasoline for Iranian consumption. That alone will get their minds right. Bank on it.


Trump aims blow at Iran and threatens landmark nuclear deal


European diplomats warned that any such unilateral changes to the agreement were likely to trigger the deal’s collapse and a return to a nuclear standoff in the Middle East.


EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini called the deal “robust” and said there had been “no violations” by Iran. She said it was not in the power of “any president in the world” to terminate the agreement.


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