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French Finance Minister (laughably) says EU poised to become “a great country like the US”…….

Let me put it this way, the EU is not set to become the way the US was first structured as a constitutional republic, it already mirrors in great length what the US has become in its post-constitutional phase, a top down, centralization of concentrated power.


The US is going into decline (something of which the buffoon being quoted in the article does not have a clue about) because it’s racing to become just another European social(ist) democracy. Even with all the baggage the US has saddled itself with, it still doesn’t have (yet) the language barrier and competing cultures of Europe’s multiculturalism. Its lack of an unifying language, singular (american) culture, and governmental system will ensure that it will never become a ‘great country’ (an open embrace of quashing the sovereign nation state here).


The EU is nothing more than a big elitist club in which ruling commissions decide who thrives and who doesn’t, which business wins, and which one doesn’t. The people vote and their MEP’s pretend to represent them for they have no clout whatsoever. The EU as a governing institution is nothing more than an immense bureaucratic legislative tyranny. Such an institution in order to survive must carve out for itself more political power which comes at the expense of the individual’s liberty and sovereignty. It has to become more oppressive and will not last for long, and tyranny, like all tyrannies throughout history (even the US if it doesn’t reverse course) will come to a crashing end. It’s just a matter of time.


Eurozone to become ‘a great country’ like US, says French minister

The French finance minister has called for the European Union to become as unified and ambitious as the United States.


Eurozone to become 'a great country' like US, says French minister

French finance minister Bruno Le Maire called Thursday for the European Union to become a cohesive whole, as unified and ambitious as the United States, adding that it was time for Britain to face the consequences of Brexit.
The remarks come as the EU emerges from a rocky period of rising nationalism and challenges to its unity.
Talks between the EU and Britain, which voted last year to secede, deadlocked in Brussels on Thursday, leaving future trade relations in doubt.

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