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ISIS jihadi recruits suffer groin kicks for Allah…….

Hopefully to be followed up with a bullet to the cranium at some point early on in their new career.

Privates on parade: ISIS fighters are lined up and kicked in the groin in bizarre new propaganda video

  • Pictures from an ISIS training camp video sees recruits kicked in the groin
  • The baffling practice could be a way to boast of their ability to endure pain 
  • They show the Sheikh Abu Muhammad Al-Adnani training camp in Yemen
  • Civil war in Yemen has allowed ISIS to establish itself in the country


ISIS have found a new way of showcasing their troops’ ‘fighting spirit’ – by lining them up in front of a camera and kicking them in the genitals.


Pictures from a propaganda video shot at an ISIS training camp in Yemen, purports to show the baffling exercise being part of the hardening of new recruits.


A handful of terrorists-in-training can be seen standing with their legs apart while an ISIS instructor kicks them in the groin with force.


It is believed that this has been done to show the ability of ISIS terrorists to endure pain.


However, as this is a single image, there is no evidence to show that this practice did not cause serious harm or pain to the recruits.

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