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Daniel Greenfield: Why the media covered for Harvey Weinstein: Harvey fell because his influence had slipped….

Hollywood is swill-hole of putrid puss…


I’m all for independent filmmakers to dot the landscape and bypass that swamp altogether, we might get better films that actually reflect society, instead of propaganda that seeks to mold society in its image. Also, the price of tickets might come down as actors are no longer being paid inflated salaries for their work.



Hillary, Michelle Obama and Planned Parenthood’s wonderful friend.

Daniel Greenfield

Everyone knew Harvey Weinstein was a bad guy. The bloated, greasy movie mogul slimed his way through countless ballrooms, suites and restaurants trailing lies, threats and promises.


But he had the right politics.


At the 100th anniversary of Planned Parenthood, honoring Hillary Clinton, the recently defeated candidate, drinks named “Toxic Masculinity” were being served. Also on the scene was Harvey Weinstein. And Harvey had his thick wallet open to the tune of $100K for the abortion organization.


Harvey was sitting with Hillary. Not to mention Meryl Streep and Shonda Rimes.


The A-list celebs in attendance knew exactly what and who Harvey was. His habits were no secret. If you look carefully enough at certain TV shows and movies, they are referenced and winked at. (The FOX TV series Action depicted the Weinsteins as the predatory Rothsteins.) But his money was good. And his connections were even better. The intersection of media, entertainment and politics climaxed with CNN giving Harvey Weinstein an hour to interview Bill Clinton in the ’12 election season.


Does anyone even need to ask why nobody would run the story?


The myth is that Harvey has been outed and exposed because progressive politics is making us better people. Tell that to the attendees sipping “Toxic Masculinity” cocktails while Harvey sat with Hillary: a predator with the wife of another predator whose specialty including covering up his sexual abuses.


Harvey fell because his influence had slipped.


The New York Times had the story in ’04 and buried it. But back then Harvey came packing Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 and Tarantino’s Kill Bill. Good luck finding anything Harvey’s got in theaters now that you can name. His slate tells the story. Sequels to Shakespeare in Love, Sin City, Kill Bill and even Fahrenheit 11/9, a desperate Moore hit piece against President Trump.


Harvey never needed sequels when he was at the top of his game. The New York Times brought down the hammer when it was safe and when it didn’t need him anymore. That’s what it’s about.


It’s why Meryl Streep waited until Harvey had been fired from his own company to put out a statement denouncing him. The “disgraceful news” had “appalled” her and “those of us whose work he championed, and those whose good and worthy causes he supported.”


But they didn’t appall that nameless “us” until he was no longer in a position to support us.

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