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UK football alliance patriots march in London against (islamo) terrorism, tens of thousands show up for unity…….

Magnificent showing…

Thousands of football supporters march against extremism in London to oppose ‘recent upsurge’ of UK terror attacks


Tommy Robinson, founder of the English Defence League, was spotted smiling with members of the Football Lads Alliance

  • Fans representing clubs from across the country joined the Football Lads Alliance demonstration in capital
  • English Defence League founder Tommy Robinson was spotted at the protest smiling with demonstrators 
  • Organiser John Meighan said called on Dianne Abbott to ‘move over’ after she expressed concerns
  • The Hackney MP signed Stand up to Racism statement calling on protest to condemn right-wing extremists
  • The Football Lads Alliance claimed the group consists of ordinary fans who are opposed to all extremism 

Thousands of football fans marched against extremism today at a protest attended by English Defence League founder Tommy Robinson.


The Football Lads Alliance (FLA) descended on London for a demonstration condemned by charity Stand up to Racism (SUTR) as well as Labour’s shadow home secretary Dianne Abbott.


FLA founder John Meighan said the event was organised to show concern at a ‘recent upsurge’ in UK terrorist attacks, according to the Evening Standard.

Supporters of northern clubs united with their counterparts in the capital as thousands marched against extremism in central London today

He told the crowd this afternoon the FLA consisted of regular people after Dianne Abbott and others signed an SUTR statement calling on the FLA ‘to make it absolutely crystal clear that there is no place for right wing extremists on the 7 October demonstration either as speakers or participants’.


Mr Meighan said: ‘We’re against all extremism, no matter what the press say. We’re just normal people.’


The crowd chanted 'who are you?' after the group's founder called for Dianne Abbot to 'move over' following her signing of a Stand up to Racism statement 

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