France: Muslim settlers shift tents for 200 miles south of Calais for jumping point into UK…….

Same tactics, just different staging ground for invasion…

Migrants find new back door to Britain: Group are pictured trying to jump aboard lorries arriving at quiet port 200 miles down the coast from Calais

Sheets of cardboard act as beds at the migrant camp near Ouistreham in Normandy

  •  Migrants pouncing on lorries headed for the port of Ouistreham in Normandy
  •  Sudanese men seen waiting until trucks stop at a red light before making move
  •  They sleep in rotting tents at night and hide in ditches or by trees during days
  • Meanwhile hundreds of migrants return to Calais to seek passage to Britain 


These are the migrants who have found a new way to get into Britain.


Two hundred miles up the coast from the towering fences and high security at Calais, they have begun to gather outside the quiet port of Ouistreham in Normandy.


And yesterday they were seen pouncing on lorries that were headed for the docks.


The young Sudanese men waited until the truck – which was pulling a low-loader carrying new lorry cabs – stopped at a red light before making their move.


One of the trio, who was wearing a Union Jack bobble hat, managed to get on board just as the traffic light turned green.


The others merely shrugged their shoulders and waited at the roadside for the next truck.


The raid took place at 3pm near Ouistreham, where three Brittany Ferries sail to Portsmouth each day, carrying mostly British holidaymakers.

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