Swedish police struggle to deport Muslim settlers that have ‘gone missing’…….

What a farce…

Swedish police struggle to carry out deportation orders

Swedish police are having an increasingly difficult time carrying out deportation orders handed over to them by the migration authorities.
Swedish police struggle to carry out deportation orders


In almost eight out of ten deportation cases handed over by Sweden’s Migration Agency to the police between May and August this year, the person had already disappeared and their whereabouts was unknown.


That’s according to a report to the Swedish government that newspaper Dagens Nyheter (DN) gained access to.


“This means we’re spending more time and resources on looking for people. But also that we are having a harder time being effective in our part of enforcement,” Swedish Border Police head Patrik Engström told DN.


According to the report the number of deportation cases has reduced somewhat, but they are becoming more complicated to carry out.


By June this year police had 17,358 deportation cases to work with, compared to 19,277 at the same time in 2016. The decrease can partly be explained by the fact that fewer cases are being handed over to them by the Migration Agency, but also that some had passed the statute of limitations of such cases, which is four years.


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