Finland Hate Speech laws

Finland: More ‘hate speech’ indictments for Facebook users, three already this Fall…….

And of course the requirements for ‘hate speech’ is in the eye of the prosecutor.


Prosecutor has already handed a third indictment for hate speech this fall

The Prosecutor General has already handed a third indictment against an ethnic group in the North Savo region.


It is an exceptional situation.


A woman who is an active Facebook user is being prosecuted for her online posts, many of which have already been removed from the website.


The woman actively and vigorously wrote about immigration issues, the Finns Party and about some politicians.


According to the prosecution’s accusation, the writings of the woman met the characteristics of a crime. The indictment will not be disclosed until the trial begins.


Encitement against an ethnic group is a public or other information that threatens or insults a group because of ethnicity, skin color, religion, sexuality, or other similar factors.


The North Savo District Court deals with the prosecution in October.


The situation is exceptional, as earlier this autumn, the prosecutor has filed two charges for incitement against an ethnic group. Another of the charges that have already been issued concerning men from Siilinjärvi, and one of Kuopio.


All of the cases are of the same type, that is, concerning various kinds of deceptive online postings.


In Finland, the case law is being established, the limits of hate speech. Hate speech is not directly defined in the law, but related crimes are investigated, for example, by criminal offenses of defamation or incitement against an ethnic group.



H/T: Sami Kuisma

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