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Iraq: Thousands of Shiites cut themselves for Mohamed’s grandson…….


Is this really what you want to see go down your streets?

Shiite Muslim pilgrims shed their own blood as hundreds of thousands gather in Iraqi shrine city to mark death of Prophet Mohammed’s grandson

WARNING – GRAPHIC CONTENT: Hundreds of thousands of Shiite Muslims commemorated the seventh-century killing of Mohammed’s grandson by cutting themselves and children with swords and blades swinging from chains. Past processions have faced attacks from Sunni extremists including Islamic State, which today resulted in 25,000 members of Iraqi security forces being deployed to the shrine city of Karbala to protect believers. Pictures show children being slashed in Iraq’s holy city of Najaf (pictured, left, and, inset) as adults also cut themselves and allowed blood to drench their clothing (pictured, right).


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  1. IF they were TRUE believers, they’d beat themselves with running chainsaws.

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