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Gatestone: The Quiet Islamic Conquest of Spain…….

I reported just a couple of weeks ago how the museum of Alicante had bowdlerized Spanish history with it’s ahistoricial rendering of the Muslim conquest of Spain, turning the the actual indigenous people of Spain into ”settlers” after kicking the invaders out of their country.


You get that? Under the title of ”colonization”, we learn that indigenous Spaniards who took back their country from invading Muslims are ”settlers” in their own land. I have yet to get a response to my email inquiring about how this could be. I might call them soon to inquire why they never responded.

 Today there are 1,400 mosques in Spain. According to the Observatory of Religious Pluralism in Spain (an initiative of the Ministry of Justice), “this figure represents 21% of all places of worship for all religions present in Spain”.

The Quiet Islamic Conquest of Spain

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