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Finland: HelsinginSanomat smears Breitbart as ”far-right” in article why it was used in English portion of matriculation exam…….

The article about the matriculation exam using BB material is actually taking aim at Breitbart itself…


Sanctimonious, disingenuous sods.


Early on we are reassured that using of the material (Breitbart’s) was ‘frustrating’ for them, but of course, Slate, Huffington Post, nor the Daily Mail or The Mirror was a problem to them at all. If one had the time, all of those publications could be found to have published biased news, false stories, and generally violated journalistic ethics at one time or another.


Citing Milo Yiannopoulos’ post about the use of birth control, they make it sound as if it was an actual news report, instead of the typical op-ed rant/style that he’s famous for, not to mention media commentators in papers around the English speaking world as well. No, the reader is led to believe that this was supposedly a Breitbart “news article”. Of course, the intention of the HS is to mislead the reader, why else frame it in that way? They commit the very sin that they lay at the feet of


Also, we’re lead to believe that Breitbart is ”far-right”,  (shhh, what they really mean is Fascist/Neo-Nazi), when straight down the line, the journos and staff at BB are classic constitutional republicans/independents, which means they’re for limited government, decentralization of concentrated power, individual liberty/sovereignty, something of which the goofballs at the HelsinginSanomat haven’t a clue about. In fact, I would wager that they they couldn’t care less about it.


Like I told the head of the state broadcaster YLE, Lauri Kivinen, at the Flemming Rose event (sponsored by YLE under the guise of its supposed support for ‘free speech’) while we were chatting after the event: “By default, you’re a statist, a believer in the welfare state, a supporter of big government, redistribution of private wealth, you have more in common with the pedigree of Hitler’s National Socialism and Marx’s International Socialism than I will ever have.” So to the staff at the HS.


Matriculation Examination Board: Breitbart material was used in the English language test

The background material was frustrating, but the English test was found to be appropriate.

THE use of Breitbart’s web site for the autumn seminar was appropriate, the Ylioppilaslautakunta (Student College) said on Friday. According to it, the material used in the English language comprehension test was applicable to the assessment of English language skills.

The exam had material from many sources. Including British newspaper Telegraph, Daily Mail and Mirror, and the US online magazine Huffington Post and Slate Magazine.


THE MATERIAL emerged about two weeks ago, when the trusted media were brought up against the far-right Breitbart site of the United States, whose reputation is questioned. The site has argued, among other things, that using contraception makes women crazy.


Breitbart’s Board is chaired by former US adviser to Donald Trump ,Steve Bannon . THE BREITBART SITE was in the test, included in a larger section and in two separate questions. A wider section discussed Breitbart’s news on the admission fee to the tomb of Karl Marx. Marx is known as the father of socialism. Breitbart’s background were not evaluated in the exam. The site has also been used as a source in previous student studies.


Over the course of this autumn, more than 37,000 baccalaureates will be present in the student exams. Half of them participated in the English exam.

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