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Robert Spencer to minister in the Canadian government: Is writing for Jihad Watch now a fireable offense…….?

When you’re owned by/fully compliant to the political mindset that’s aligned with Islamic supremacists, then yes, writing for a publication that exposes that nexus will lead to political exile.

This is how they handle troublesome truth tellers, while Antifa can only bash skulls and block streets.


Is writing for Jihad Watch now a fireable offense?

The freedom of speech is under severe attack all over the world, and the controversy that has erupted in Canada over Christine Douglass-Williams, a board member with the Canadian Race Relations Foundation, writing for Jihad Watch, is ongoing. The Canadian Press reported: “With concerns about the post circulating among her fellow board members, it came to the attention of Heritage Minister Melanie Joly, whose department is responsible for the foundation.” So I sent this letter to Joly (you will not be at all surprised to learn that I have not received any reply):

Honorable Minister Joly:
I am writing in support of Christine Douglass-Williams, a member of the Canadian Race Relations Foundation, who I understand has come under scrutiny for writing for my web publication, Jihad Watch.
The Canadian Press has identified as questionable one specific piece that Ms. Douglass-Williams published at Jihad Watch (among other places), in which she refers to deceptive Islamic supremacists. However, neither the Canadian Press nor anyone else has offered any evidence for why what Ms. Douglass-Williams wrote was wrong or hateful.
In the piece, she referred to Muslims who posture as moderate when they actually aren’t. Do such people actually exist? Consider the imam Fawaz Damra, who according to contemporary media reports was known in the Cleveland area “as a voice of moderate, mainstream Islam.” He “was often seen at public events with politicians and leaders of other faiths, including several prayer services after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.” Meanwhile, he was “disparaging Jews in Arabic as ‘pigs and monkeys’ and raising money for the killing of Jews by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.”

More here at Front Page Magazine.

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