Finland: Minister of the Interior says law enforcement has foiled many planned attacks, over 1000 potential terrorists monitored…….

The frustrating part is to know that many of those under the watchful eye shouldn’t have been let into the country in the first place.

Interior minister: Finnish authorities have foiled many planned attacks

Finnish authorities are now monitoring more than 1,000 individuals, including hundreds with suspected ties to terror groups, Interior Minister Paula Risikko tells Yle.


Interior Minister Paula Risikko says that many attacks have been prevented in Finland in recent years, including one planned against politicians in 2012.


Speaking on Yle TV 1’s Ykkösaamu programme on Saturday, Risikko said that since then authorities have foiled many assault plans, including school shootings.


Her comments followed those a day earlier by National Police Commissioner Seppo Kolehmainen, who said that police had averted what he called a “serious threat against political decision-makers” in recent years. Neither he nor Risikko provided more details.


More than 1,000 under surveillance


Risikko noted that anti-terrorism measures had been tightened before mid-August’s Turku stabbing attack, which left two people dead and eight injured. She said that police are now monitoring more than 1,000 individuals in Finland.


“The Finnish Security Intelligence Service (Supo) has an estimated 350 people under special scrutiny and the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) have more. One must however keep in mind that there are very different reasons why they have ended up on these lists. Particularly those on the Supo list have links to terrorist organisations.”


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