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Defendant admits guilt in trial over rape and murder of Freiburg student…….

The young refugee, who has been put on trial for the rape and murder of a teenage student in Freiburg last year, admitted his guilt in an extensive statement to the court on Monday. Hussein K. told the state court in Freiburg on Monday that he had happened across 19-year-old Maria L. as she cycled towards him late at night last October.

It is still unclear how old Hussein K. is, or where he is from, but his arrest in November last year nonetheless created huge media interest, as it has highlighted holes in European security procedures. Critics of the government’s refugee policies also suggest that Hussein K., who had already been convicted of attempted murder in Greece, was only able to enter the country because Germany had stopped controlling its borders.


One of the most controversial aspects of the case is that Hussein K. had been sentenced to 10 years in jail in Greece in 2013 after he pushed a young woman off a cliff on the island of Corfu. But at the end of October 2015 he was placed on parole with the requirement to report to police every month. Officials then lost trace of him two months after he was released.


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