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Finnish prisons teaming with Muslim gangs, imams and recruitment for jihad…….

Just eight months ago I posted on this exact same phenomenon that’s happening everywhere else in the West where Muslims are flooding into the country. Now it’s even more worse than originally thought.


Tough Report on Finland’s Prisons: Gangster Islamism, Prisoner Imams, Incitement of Violence


Religious ideology glorifying acts of terror is being spread among the prisoners.


Verkuhouutiset told of the South Crime Prevention Project to identify violent extremism and radicalization in a news release in this news story . The public part of the project’s interim report is terrible to read, although it has only 12 pages.


“Prisoners are good soil for radical thoughts.” The terrorist attacks in Europe over the last six years have reinforced the perception of the role of prisons in radicalization. “In almost every serious attack among the perpetrators or planners there is a criminal or an ex-convict.”


The growing number of Islamic prisoners, the grouping and the pursuit of a dominant position in the prisoner hierarchy has, according to the interim report, increased rapidly.


“Groups are built around prominent personalities, and this is a phenomenon where disadvantaged prisoners seek refuge in groups.” In the civilian world, alienated persons in society and its norms find content from groups in prisons. ”


According to the interim report, the groups identified have accepted the adoption of, in part, violence-inspiring ideology.


The situations have been violent and threats of violence. Violence based on religion is the form and mark of radicalization. The Islamist extremist ideology in prison could be described as a ‘salafi-jihadist gangster-islam’, which hinges between an ideological and criminal world of thought where a certain type of Islamic extremist ideology can be described as a ‘ intended to sanctify the means “, the interim report will be written.


The project tells of cases in which from among the ranks of the prisoners, a so-called prison imam has risen to lead other Muslim prisoners.


Such a situation, according to the author, based on the findings, exposes others to radicalization and causes problems in the prisons:


“Prisoner imams do not necessarily interpret Islam moderately, or seek spiritual balance, but bring with it their own interpretation the use or approval of mental and physical violence, according to their view.” In these cases, ideology and criminal behavior are united. “


“In prisons, it has come to light that the terrorist attacks that have been occurring in extremist worlds have been celebrated in prisons and in open-air prisons, almost always in some places in the prisons of Finland, who have a positive attitude towards terrorism targeting western people. According to the information available, there is also a great deal of conversions to Islam in which the objective is not moderate Islam, as well as acts of violence that encourage terrorist acts.


Extensive networking of prisoners has emerged in several prisons, according to the report. There have also been indications of foreign prisoners forming gangs and the recruitment into extremist groups.


According to an interim report, prisoners suspected of being radicalized in Finland’s prisons have been in contact with and established relations with prisoners in organized crime.

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  1. violent prisoners and criminals gravitate towards islam which is a religious ideology and cult that promotes violence, exploitation and corruption of others.

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