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Berlin: Unaccompanied Syrian minor arrested for planning Islamonazi terrorist attack…….

And we are constantly told that there was nothing to worry about, these people are thoroughly vetted.

Warrant against ISIS sleeper

Youth planned a terror attack with Kalashnikov in Berlin

A young Syrian is in court: he went to Germany to commit an attack: not an attack with a knife or vehicle, but “something bigger”.


In the trial against a terror suspected teenager from Syria, the district court issued a Halle arrest warrant against the defendant. The Chamber justified this on Monday with an escape risk. It is to be assumed that the 16-year-old defendant, according to his own statements, had not abandoned his attack plans and could only implement them by a flight. In addition, the proceedings were handed over to the State Security Council of the Berlin Court of Appeals.

The trial against the 16-year-old had first been opened in Halle two weeks ago. Because of the age of the accused, the negotiations were not public. The State Security Council at the Oberlandesgericht in Berlin is responsible for terrorist attacks in Berlin, Brandenburg and Saxony-Anhalt.


Syrian traveled to Germany in autumn 2015 as a refugee


The youth are accused of preparing a serious state-threatening violence. The Syrian was submitted to Germany as an unaccompanied minor refugee in autumn 2015 and is to sympathize with the jihadist militia Islamic state (ISIS). The process in Halle had begun at the end of August to the exclusion of the public.


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  1. we are constantly told that there was nothing to worry about, these people are thoroughly vetted.””

    Sure he was vetted ,
    -Are you a terrorist?
    -Are you an ISIS member?
    -Welcome ( Hugs and Kisses) your free apartment and welfare is that line….

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