Sweden: Women’s soccer team has had enough, moves team due to stone throwing and knife threats…….

What a wonderful nirvana that they’ve created for themselves….


Stones and knife threats – now the players have had enough

Stone throwing and knife threats – Spånga football players are used to being disturbed in training at Spånga IP. After the problem has been highlighted in the media, the club is now hoping for change.

Almost a week has passed since Spånga IS ladies were forced to cancel their training at Spånga IP when a youth threw stones at them.


One of the stones hit a girl on the foot, the team also received a few words of threats.


When we meet players and coaches at Nälsta Bollplan to talk about it, the event has received much attention in the media after a player has told the matter in a local Facebook group.


According to the players, the event, which has now been reported to police, is not unique. That youth disrupt the club’s training on Spanga IP has become a reality.



“There have been both knives and clubs. This is just one in the line of all events that happened when we train Spånga IP. One feels that you are very tired of it, “says Michael Wallman, who is training the ladies.


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