Finland Islamic terrorism MUSLIM SETTLERS

Finnish police release suspected accomplice in Turku jihadi knife attack…….

Hopefully with an embedded micro chip to track him…

NBI: Final suspected accomplice in Turku stabbing case freed

Police have released the last man held on suspicion of assisting the main suspect in the Turku stabbings, after a week and a half in pretrial custody. The man is no longer suspected of involvement in the knife attack.


Police have released a man born in 1996 after a week and a half from pretrial custody. The man was suspected of involvement in two murders and eight attempted murders in Turku on July 18th. Abderrahman Bouanane has admitted the stabbings, but denies murder and attempted murder with terrorist intent–the offences he is suspected of.


The released man is no longer suspected of being Bouanane’s accomplice.


On Tuesday police also released two Moroccan men who had been held under suspicion of helping the stabber; they are no longer suspected of any crimes.


Currently only Bouanane, the prime suspect, is in custody over the stabbing spree. Five other suspects have been released after spending time in custody over the attack.



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