Finland Islamic terrorism

Finnish police to now carry submachine guns in post-Turku jihadi knife attack……..

These machine guns are fully automatic, actual assault rifles, meaning 13.3 rounds per second…

This shows the vast difference between semi automatic, one round per squeeze, basically a simple rifle / hand gun, and something used by militarily and police personnel.

Police units to carry submachine guns

Finnish police say they plan to equip all police patrol units with submachine guns, according to Turun Sanomat and many other papers on Friday.


Heckler & Koch MP5s will be in addition to the Glock and Walther handguns which officers currently carry.


The Police Board’s Ari Alanen said that the move does not mean that the police wants to send out a militaristic impression, but rather be seen as a reliable agency that can be easily approached by the public.


He said the MP5s would be permitted to be used in situations where use of their sidearms have been allowed before, for example, in cases when a target is more distant.


Alanen emphasised that arming the police with the submachine guns is not meant to send a message of intimidation.


He said that the threat of terrorism means that police need to be better prepared.


“We must follow what’s going on in our surroundings. Increasingly, we need to consider the weapons and kinds of protective equipment that are needed,” Alanen told STT.


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  1. “””Police units to carry submachine guns “”

    NO that is racist and completly unPC,only hugs and kisses allowed when the police deals with the terrorists .
    After a terrorist stopped, the police must give him a teddy bear.

  2. We tried coffee, chat and cinnamon rolls here in Swedistan.

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