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Finland: Radical Greens party (Eco-Marxists) polling 2nd most popular party…….

This is bad, very bad…

The Greens Party are some of the most hardened Leftist ideologues that I know of, rivaling and in many instances surpassing the out-of-the-closet Marxist in The Left (Vasemmisto) and other communist parties. True moonbat lunatics who have made common cause with Islamic forces in Finland.

Example,  Muslim Ozan Yanar (who passes himself off as a Lefty secular Muslim) is married to (self described Palestinian) Aishi Zidan, the infamous #RocketGirl the Tundra Tabloids made internationally famous during the last Hamas-Israel conflict in Gaza. Aishi let it slip at the time that Hamas was using the vicinity of the Shifa hospital in Gaza City as a launching pad for its rockets into Israel. Aishi has since then left the Helsingin Sanomat for the Finnish state broadcaster YLE, where she’ll be pimping her anti-Israel biased tripe for the foreseeable future.

Voters trending Green, Green chair under fire

Finland’s most widely-circulated newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat leads with something of an upset in the country’s political theatre. The party’s latest party approval poll shows the opposition Greens emerging as the second most-popular party, trailing only the government’s National Coalition Party.


This reflects the latest result of Yle’s monthly tracking poll, which also had the Greens in second spot.


The results of the August poll, conducted by market research firm TNS Kantar, shows that the Greens have now surged forward to eclipse the largest opposition party, the Social Democratic Party, and the Centre Party led by Prime Minister Juha Sipilä.


According to the poll, 17.5 percent of electors would vote for the Greens if an election took place now. Some 20.7 percent would vote for the NCP, while the SDP and the Centre would each get 17.3 percent of ballots.


TNS Kantar attributed the Greens’ consistent rise in the polls to voters from the SDP and other parties who appear to have shifted allegiance and gone Green. Unpacking the data, the pollster revealed that 12 percent of voters who backed the SDP during municipal elections said they would now vote Green. The corresponding number for the Left Alliance was 15 percent.


Moreover a majority of voters considered the Greens the country’s second most-popular party, with women voters more likely to form this judgment than their male peers. The Greens were least popular among Finns Party supporters.


“The Greens are seen in a very positive light on both the right and the left,” said Kantar TNS director Sakari Nurmela. Analysts also speculated that the Green surge could be explained by ex-chair Ville Niinistö’s success in transforming the party from a one-issue group into a force with broader appeal, something that the SDP has yet to accomplish.


Green chair under fire


Meanwhile tabloid Ilta-Sanomat runs a piece in which the freshly-minted Greens chair, Touko Aalto, came in for some flak from government politicians on the weekend over a suggestion to offer temporary residence permits to undocumented migrants. Aalto was speaking specifically about rejected asylum seekers.


On Saturday, Aalto told HS that he agreed that failed asylum seekers should be deported, as long as they did not face persecution in the home countries. However, he expressed scepticism that Finnish immigration officials could provide accurate assessments of the security situation in the countries in question. He said that under those circumstances, he would be ready to grant temporary residence permits to individuals who could not be safely returned.


The reaction to Aalto’s comments was immediate and negative, with Simon Elo, parliamentary group chair of the breakaway Finns Party group New Alternative, calling the statements irresponsible and charging that the proposal would render the current asylum processing system meaningless. Deputy chair of the Centre parliamentary group, Markus Lohi, expressed a similar sentiment. And the National Coalition Party parliamentary group chair Kalle Jokinen said that implementing Aalto’s proposal would create a “pull factor” that would draw more asylum seekers to Finland.


IS reported Monday that Aalto sough to walk back his statements in a Facebook post Sunday evening, saying that he did not propose temporary residence permits for all rejected asylum seekers. He said called on authorities to defer deportations in cases where appeals to decisions were still before the Supreme Administrative Court. He also called for Finland to make it easier for applicants to receive work-based resident permits, noting that “people who’ve been able to land jobs usually have [Finnish] language skills, are motivated and integrated into society.”



NOTE: The Finnish Greens Party are one of the most virulent anti-Israel parties in the Finnish political field.

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  1. Bloody greens will never save the world or the planet all too stupid and luvvy duvvy who will put a knife in your back. They only thing they are good for is Soylant Green, Charlton Heston – they just don’t make men like this anymore no wonder we women are becoming infertile 😀

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