Finland: Social Democrat Chairman outrages/embarrasses colleagues, advises Finns to have more babies to offset population deficit…….

Finally something that I can agree with a Marxist on, Finns need to produce more children if they don’t want their population to contract any further, and forced to open their borders to even more people who couldn’t care less to be cultural Finns.

So of course his fellow marxists are outraged, how can they call for more open borders if Finns are having enough babies? So I advise everyone who’s not a marxist to out populate these regressive reject morons and save ourselves.

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Antti Rinne, 54, urges Finnish people to “give birth”, SDP colleagues appalled and outraged over word choice


THE SOCIAL Democratic Party urges Finns to make more children. On Wednesday , Antti Rinne, chairman of the party, encouraged Finns to “give birth” when speaking at the Sdp Parliamentary Group’s summer meeting in Kouvola.

“This year, for the first time in Finland, there are fewer than 50,000 children than in the 1860s famine years. This is a very serious thing. No nation can develop better unless its future is safeguarded by new generations. ” For six years now,

FERTILITY has declined in Finland. In 2016, 52645 children were born, the smallest age group throughout their independence. In 2015, children were born 2827 more than last year.

Overall fertility was 1.57 last year. The total fertility rate tells how many children a woman would give birth during their lifetime if age-specific fertility rates remained at the year of computation.

RINNE calls for a comprehensive family policy strategy for Finland and reminds that at the time of the birth of the baby boom families were encouraged to make a child with an advert “the fourth patriot”. According to Rinne, half of that amount would be “a remarkable improvement”.

“It goes without saying that the parties do not decide what to do in the bedroom, but we can eliminate people’s concerns about setting up a family.”

The father of two children Rinne, 54, promised to list on Thursday the second day of the day the birth rate in Finland will rise. They are related, among other things, to day care and parental leave.


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NOTE: Henrik R.Clausen : “Others hold beautiful ceremonies for those with many children:”

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  1. If Europe & Scandinavia don’t want to be subjected to ISLAM due to muslim exponential birth rate and invasion of Muslims in Europe, then fertile couples need to get weaving and start breeding to adjust the demographic losses of new citizens. Ain’t no other way to get the numbers up. So what is it to be millions of Muslim babies brought up under Sharia or get our nations back in order? This is the choice!

  2. Pay the same amount 20000 eu per Finish baby as you pay for every single immigrant a year and you will have a finish baby boom like never before
    People not having more children because they cant afford it

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