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Breaking: Egypt Islamic scholars working on how to make Islam appear more moderate……. (LOL)


Sheikh Mohamed Zaki, the head preacher at Al Azhar, tells VOA that while the core beliefs of Islam are immutable, its image or modern applications of it should fit the daily lives of people. “Each new generation,” he says, “should benefit from the teachings of Islam, which remain unalterable as God presented them, but as flexible as the new shoots of a tree branch.”

This is all dribble drabble meant to confuse the non-Muslim. Look at the above quote by the head preacher at Sunni Islam’s greatest/most influential seat of learning, Mohamed’s words are IMMUTABLE and UNALTERABLE. They’re then asking us to believe that they’re also ”flexible” as well? The more devout and serious minded Muslim will look through this and see it for the BS that it is. This is all eye candy for the non-believer that they’re ‘doing something’ when in fact, they can’t.

NOTE: To do what they say they’re planning to do is to invite a death sentence for apostasy, it just isn’t going to happen. Lots of blue smoke and mirrors here.

Egypt’s Top Islamic Scholars Work to Promote Moderate Vision of Islam

A view of Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt, taken April 17, 2016.

Al Azhar University, Egypt’s venerable seat of Islamic law, has been working to project a more modern image of Islam to counter the violent versions being espoused by Islamic State, al-Qaida and other militant groups.


Efforts by Al Azhar religious authorities to control the tenor of Islamic religious edicts or “fatwas” are part of the strategy that moderate forces are using to battle clerics espousing death and violence.


Egypt has been plagued by the efforts of militant Islamic terrorists and their “spiritual guides” to sow turmoil in the country in recent years, leaving a bloody trail of death and destruction. They have killed government officials, blown up government buildings, attacked top tourist sites, and randomly attacked police, military officers, and the country’s Coptic Christian minority.


Attacks on Coptic churches, including suicide bombings at the main Coptic cathedral in Cairo last December, and more recent bombings at churches in Alexandria and Tanta on Palm Sunday, have left scores of victims and taken a toll on Egypt’s fragile collective psyche. The loss of innocent lives from the deadly litany of terrorist attacks has led the government to denounce extremist Islamic clerics espousing bloodshed and violence.


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  1. Make Islam more moderate? Simple. Erase every word from the Quran that Mohammed “received” from Allah. That will make Islam better.

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