Cultural Enrichment Rape Sweden

Sweden: Attempted rape of 50 Y/O woman by gang of ‘youths’ broken up passerby…….

The culture of Sweden is radically changing,,,,,

Woman exposed to rape attempt by young people

A woman in her 50s was attacked by five youngsters in Bålsta on Friday night.


The woman walked on a bicycle path at 22 o’clock in the evening when five younger men attacked her and threw her down on the ground.


“The woman’s experience is that they tried to rape her,” says Johan Sohlberg, chief officer of the police in Uppsala.


A man who was walking his dog managed to stop the rape attempt and the woman could escape. The police searched for helicopters and dog patrols, but quit the search at 03 o’clock without being able to arrest any suspects.


– It is closed and we can not find any culprit right now. We have been talking to her. She feels she has been caught in a jungle and the purpose is that she was to be raped, says Johan Sohlberg.


SVT via Peter Sweden

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