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Finland: Foreigners try to run down other foreigners on Helsinki sidewalk after heated words and a fist fight…….

All that’s described by eye witness  Finnish shoppers in the area is that foreigners speaking in a language that they didn’t understand were involved in a fight which escalated into a car ramming attempt.

A dangerous incident at Helsinki’s Kallio (Rock) – the car drove down the sidewalk towards people, one was injured slightly

The car drove down the sidewalk towards people at Kallio


According to the police, the incident is being investigated as an aggravated assault.
On Thursday night there was a special incident in Helsinki’s Kallio neighbourhood, where a passenger car drove for a while along the sidewalk. An image by an eyewitness and a video that has spread in social media shows that a black BMW car driving on the sidewalk and almost hits a few people.

The car will also hit the open house boat before it will be off at the speed along Helsinginkatu (street) and out of the picture.

Director-General Riku Korpela from the Helsinki Police Department tells IS that the police have been notified of an incident at the corner of Pengerkatu and Helsinginkatu at 20.20 on Thursday.

– There has been such an assault on more than one person, and this car ride on the sidewalk is associated with it. We have the passage of events still a bit unclear, Korpela says.

Korpela does not comment on how the situation has progressed.

– There is one person slightly injured, and three have been caught. The crime scene at which this stage is being investigated is a serious assault. The whole event is related to this.

An eyewitness captured the video on the Pengerkatu and uploaded the video on Facebook tells Ilta-Sanomat that the car on the sidewalk was preceded by an excahnge of words and then a fight.

– I went shopping with my friend and we were there for five minutes. Before we went shopping, we did not notice anything special.

The woman says that when they came out of the shop, the men’s dispute went from an argument to fist fighting and a wrestling match. According to her, there were 5 to 10 men.

– They did not speak to Finnish, ao I did not understand what it was all about.

At least one man, according to a woman, started hacking a black car with a wooden object, apparently a scrub brush that a driver retreated to.

– The driver’s side car mirror and window were broken. Another car also got hit by a bristle, the woman describes the situation.

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  1. The car assaults are now getting so common in Helsinki. Foreigners know that it is easy to kill people with car. In court they get short sentences. If gun was used, they get long sentence.

  2. Is this why the place goes with nicknames “Speed Square” (in Finnish “Piri Tori”) and “The Mow-Down Town”?

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