Germany: SPD candidate Schultz (marxist) for chancellor decries Trump’s military buildup…….

One socialist crank after the other here in Europe.

The commie goofball however wants a common ‘European defence policy’ while NATO already serves as a ready bulwark against Russian expansion and other threats….

‘Europe must not follow Trump’s military build-up logic’: a chat with Merkel’s main election rival


The global security structure also seems to be facing new challenges. What do the changes in transnational power structures mean for our security in Germany?


Europe must now come together more closely. We need a very strong exchange of data, for example in the fight against terrorism. And we need a common European defence policy, instead of following the arms-building logic of Donald Trump. I absolutely have a low opinion of Germany investing €20 billion to €30 billion more in the army. That will not happen with me as chancellor.


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