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UK: Wife informed authorities of her husband’s Islamic State involvement…….

The BBC says she ”snitched” but I use the non-provocative (and very factual) description of informant.

The Beeb casts the woman in a negative light by its word choice. Snitch: “informal disapproving to secretly tell someone in authority that someone else has done something bad, often in order to cause trouble” Cambridge dictionary

Pregnant wife ‘snitches on’ Muslim convert ‘trying to join IS’

A Muslim convert was “snitched on” by his pregnant wife as he tried to join so-called Islamic State (IS), a court heard.


Ismael Watson, 27, from Liverpool, travelled to Turkey and was stopped as he tried to cross the border into Syria in February, the Old Bailey heard.


He denies preparation of terrorist acts but has refused to attend his trial and opted to represent himself.


The judge ordered jurors not to hold it against him for deciding not to attend.


Secret service


Prosecutor Oliver Glasgow QC told jurors the defendant, who was born Jack Watson and came from a non-Muslim family, had made preparations to join IS between January 2016 and 23 February.


He told jurors Mr Watson had travelled to Turkey then made contact with people on the internet who he believed could help him cross into Syria.


“Little did he realise that two of the people with whom he discussed his plans were in fact agents working for the security services and that everything he said was being recorded.”


Mr Watson told an undercover security service agent, known as Abumuj, he wanted to reach the city of Raqqa in Syria, the court heard.


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