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Fjordman at Aftenposten: Islamization will not disappear……

The way Europe is behaving, Fjordman is exactly right.

H/T: Snaphanen

Islamization will not disappear

They were friendly towards Nazism in the 1930s, and friendly towards Islam today.


Commentator Andreas Slettholm warns against “conspiracy theories” on 22 July. Many Europeans do not know that the Union for the Mediterranean exists, but it does. The Union is supported by governments in 43 countries, including Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco and the Mauritania slaughterhouse.


Established Western mass media rarely rarely discuss the existence of this organization and almost never place critical questions about its purpose. Why not? They spend a lot of time at the Donald Trumps twitter account.


Union with North Africa

The Middle East and Africa are in a huge population explosion. At the same time, the EU and European authorities are working to create a Mediterranean Union between Europe and a number of Muslim countries. Native Europeans have never been asked if they want a “union” with North Africa.


EU Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini has made it clear that Islam, including “political Islam”, is welcome in Europe.


The EU is now trying to force Islam and Muslim immigrants in European countries that do not want them, including Poland and Hungary. This is what they do while the Islamic terrorist threat in Europe has never been greater.


ABB’s state of mind

In my book Witness to madness , I go critically on many pages of the July 22 issue. It is unclear whether Slettholm had read my book before criticizing my views. I have thoroughly read ABB’s so-called manifesto, plus some of the letters he has sent from prison.


Breivik’s own texts carry, in my view, a strong sense of psychiatry. Some of what he writes appears to be openly insane, probably also in the medical sense.


If ABB is insane, this means that Norwegian society failed to deal with Anders Behring Breivik. In that case, the jurisdiction ruling from 2012 is internationally embarrassing to the Norwegian rule of law, and Wenche Elizabeth Arntzen is in the Norwegian Supreme Court after contributing to an erroneous verdict.



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