Eurabia Nicolai Sennels EU’s Fateful Choice, Fortress Europe of Chaos and Collapse……

EU’s Fateful Choice: Fortress Europe or Chaos and Collapse

Massive Third World migration towards Europe will continue so long as Islamic extremism and overpopulation threatens those countries of origin. Europe has to choose between its much cherished liberal ideals and plain survival. Are there any long term win-win solutions?


By Nicolai Sennels, psychologist and political analyst


Supported by Arab regimes and major terrorist organisations such as the Muslim Brotherhood—both of whom aim to create a strong base for their global jihad (i.e., holy war)—radical Islamists are threatening millions of lives in the developing world. With too few safe zones in their own regions, lured by Europe’s promise of free transport across the Mediterranean and promise of asylum with social benefits, many individuals are ready to give up everything, place their family’s fortune in the hands of cruel human smugglers, leave their women, children, and elderly in poverty and danger back home, in order to embark on a long and often life-threatening journey to the West.


Africa’s population will double the next 40 years. Islamic countries like Bangladesh and Pakistan, plus many others, continue to experience soaring population growth. Fights over clean water, land for crops or pasture, and other vital resources will be endless. There is no end in sight for the conflicts that already drive these mass migrations.


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