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Poland passes reforms aimed at righting wrongs held over from communist years, EU objects……..

EU’s knee-jerk reaction is to side with tyranny…..

If it were activist conservative judges (an oxymoron) that were in question, and a hard leftist government in power, the EU would be looking the other way.

Poland’s Senate Passes Reforms in Defiance of EU, Left Wing Protests

Poland’s Senate on Saturday approved long-promised reforms to the country’s judicial system which have been fiercely opposed by Brussels and left wing protesters.


To become law, the populist ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party’s draft bill for reforms  — which would give parliament greater power to dismiss activist judges, and add a responsibility to consider the nation’s Christian values when passing judgements  —  now only has to be signed by the president, Andrzej Duda.


The government contends that the measures are necessary to reform a Communist-era model which still harbours many judges from that time, and polls show that a majority of Poles believe the country needs judicial reform.


On Thursday, as Poland’s lower legislative house voted through the reforms, tens of thousands of anti-government protesters gathered in cities across Poland  —many wielding European Union (EU) flags  — chanting, blocking roads, and in one case even attacked a member of parliament.


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  1. Reading Harvard’s “The Black Book of Commuunism”, I was awakened to the absolute horrors inflicted upon the Polish nation’s people. Now I understand the EU’s posture more clearly. We in the USA have our jack booted politicians too. Ever shameful while ever shameless. Always trying to press those boots down on our necks. Hearty congratulations and prayers for Poland’s fight against the Iron Boot of the EU.

    1. In full agreement. The EU is basically run by former Nazis and Commies.

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