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Finnish tabloid pushes story of women who feel ‘liberated’ wearing ideological supremacist clothing…….

And….“War is Peace; Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance is Strength;” 

This is the kind of claptrap they hope will win the multitudes onto the side of the status quo that’s desperate for people to accept and embrace the adherents of a tyrannical, anti-Western ideology that’s as close to a death cult as a destructive ideology can get. The puff piece wants you to deny your lying eyes and just believe whatever these propagandists say, and toss all of the evidence to the contrary by the wayside.

NOTE: Just think of the recent story of the hapless Saudi woman who dared to walk around without the ”comfort’ of a head scarf, let alone a full Glad Bag.

H/T: Kumitonttu

Three Finns tell about becoming Muslim: “The use of the scarf is not oppression but freedom”

Maryam Ratilainen-Elabbasy says people imagine that she uses veil because it’s enforced by men. She thinks she is being oppressed by society, not by her religion. PHOTO: Caroline Sorjonen

Three Finnish women are telling why they became Muslim. From them, people’s attitudes towards Islam are getting harder and the Finnish woman who uses it is almost a “gang traitor”.

July 22, 2017


At age 17, Maryam saw a dream where a man came to her. The man had white skin and a bit of a beard. He was white clothes and a turban. – Do not give up, you’re on the right track. Don’t give up, tyr to carry on the man said. Later, Maryam told about her dream to her Muslim friend. “The man you describe is the kind that an angel Gabriel has described in the tradition. He has appeared to people.


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