Buffoonery Finland MUSLIM SETTLERS

Finland: Immigration office ‘asks forgiveness’ from 9 member Iraqi family for wanting to deport their 2 adult male children…….

The key thing here for me is that they were country shopping.

That means that once they left their safe surroundings in Turkey, they were no longer refugees or actual asylum seekers, and the Finnish immigration office just played along, and at the taxpayers’ expense. Who knows, perhaps they were in need of sanctuary, but they found it in Turkey, and decided that they wanted something better than just safety, but a better standard of living, which automatically removes them from the ranks of what they were filing as/for.

So now we have to ask forgiveness for proper application of the law which in fact should be more tightly regulated.

The Finnish Immigration Service was breaking up an Iraqi family, the Administrative Court outlined the solution to be incorrect – “The best thing was that they asked us to forgive them”

Of the nine member Iraqi family seven received a positive asylum decision, the Finnish Immigration Service did not believe that the two full-aged children were in danger in their home country by their father’s blackmailer.


THE LONG wait is over. A favorable decision by the Immigration Service’s for a residence permit came 722 days after the Iraqi Nour , 24, and his 19-year-old sister had first filed an application for asylum in Finland.


“We are particularly happy that our family will stay together,” said Nour.


Helsingin Sanomat reported Nour and his sister’s case in February .


The Finnish Immigration Service issued a nine-person northern Iraq’s Kirkuk from a family of two adult children in September 2016 refused asylum. It meant that they should have to return to their homeland to Iraq, a family receives a stay in Finland.


The father Mohamad had been persecuted in their home country through blackmail, because he had worked in Iraq in 2003-2011  for the US and NATO forces. In letters blackmailers threatened to kidnap, rape and kill Mohamad’s wife and eldest daughter and threatened their children.


More here in Finnish.

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