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Brian Thomas @ Jihad Watch: ”No normal act of journalism, Jewish Chronicle smears Tommy Robinson…….”

Despicable hack journo scribblings…….

I stand (and pose) with Tommy Robinson and Brian (of London) Thomas.

The line that Tommy is part of the “same political tradition as the National Front and the BNP” I believe to be slander. Tommy has from the very beginnings of his political activities declared his contempt for race-based politics. Tommy has filmed himself burning swastikas. The EDL while he led it was insistent on excluding, banning or ejecting anyone espousing race hate. Tommy eventually left the EDL because his political persecution and imprisonment made it difficult for him to keep these elements out of the organisation he had founded. If Mr Newmark has evidence of Tommy’s “political tradition” outside of what I know, I’d like him to present it. And if Tommy Robinson wasn’t so busy doing other useful work, I’d suggest he consider legal action.

UK: Jewish Chronicle enraged that Tommy Robinson held “secret meeting with Manchester Jews”

The official mouthpiece of the British Jewish community has again printed another hit piece against Tommy Robinson. Once again they are pleading with Jews in the UK not to have any contact with Tommy Robinson. After his trip to Israel last November they published an opinion piece by Marcus Dysch, which I answered. This time, they are attacking in the guise of “news” following a private talk Tommy gave to a Jewish audience in Manchester:

Former EDL leader Tommy Robinson holds secret meeting with Manchester Jews
JLM members had been left “outraged” after learning of the event.

Tommy will always be the “former EDL leader” in much the same way as I am a former teenager. And what is the “JLM” — honestly I have no idea, I’ve never heard of it, it’s not mentioned again in the article as an acronym and all that springs to mind is Jewish Lives Matter (which it isn’t I’m pretty sure).

Members of Manchester’s Jewish community held a secret meeting with Tommy Robinson, the former leader of the far-right English Defence League.
The controversial meeting, which took place in Prestwich last week, was billed as a charity fundraiser, but also saw Mr Robinson deliver a speech outlining his extreme views on Islam.

Obviously the Jewish Chronicle provides no details of the defendant’s “extreme views on Islam” or gives any evidence that they even know what he spoke about. After a couple of sources confirmed that the meeting took place (on condition of anonymity backed by threat of legal action), the Jewish Chronicle calls its first witness for the prosecution, a Mr Anthony Dennison, residing in Manchester:

Mr Dennison said: “We find some of Tommy Robinson’s opinions abhorrent. Unfortunately in our community there are a small number of people who are attracted his policies.

Mr Dennison and the Jewish Chronicle did not elaborate here on Tommy Robinson’s “abhorrent” opinions.


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