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Finland: New Finns Party leader Halla-aho younger voters’ favorite for next PM…….

I would say that his reach appeals beyond that demographic to older voters as well who are fed up with the former leadership of the party, and existing parties as well.

Halla-aho is the young people’s favorite for prime minister – Research Director: The same phenomenon is seen in Europe

Saturday 01.07.2017 at 07.39

IL’s survey, Halla-aho is the favorite of young adults next prime minister. This phenomenon is in line with the Europe viewed the political trend, estimates research director Juhana Aunesluoma.


  • Research Director believes that young people do not necessarily find themselves mainstream political parties in the home.
  • A few key things are driving the populists will then start to show interesting.
  • Halla-aho’s popularity can still be “a new President of the bonus’, Aunesluoma estimates.


Jussi Halla-aho has led the Finns Party for almost one month. According to Iltalehti’s Economic conducted inquiry, the new Chairperson enjoys in particular, the popularity of younger people: 25-30-year-olds almost a fifth of the respondents had Halla-aho as most suitable option  for next prime minister.

Network for European Studies of the University of Helsinki Research Director Juhana Aunesluoman said that it was a phenomenon, which is seen in many European countries: young people are in favor of radical politicians to the right than of the left.


– Young Europeans are willing to support different traditional political mainstream candidates. Often these candidates have the edgy opinions and a couple of things, which they consider to display. Mainstream politicians, who consider broader issues on the agenda are not necessarily drawn to young people, says Aunesluoma.


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