Israel Self Reliance

Jewish couple gets married on the Temple Mount, has to be kept secret or else………

It shows just how dhimmified Israel is in certain aspects when their own holy site, the Temple Mount, is off limits to Jewish prayers and nuptials.

Aussie Dave has it all at Israellycool:

Tom Nisani and Sara Lurcat after their wedding on the Temple Mount. June 29, 2017.

Mazel Tov!

Tom Nisani married his fiance Sara Lurcat on the Temple Mount on Thursday, in front of kosher witnesses, friends, video cameras — and the not so watchful eyes of the Israeli police.


The happy couple had to perform their wedding ceremony surreptitiously, as the police, if they had noticed, would have arrested them both for performing a Jewish ritual on the Temple Mount. The Muslims, if they had seen it, would have rioted.


Nisani is the head of the student organization, “Students for the Temple Mount” and Sara is also an active member.


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