Islam in the UK MUSLIM SETTLERS Rape

UK: Muslim being sought in connection with attempted rape of young teen…….

The British media have to stop labeling these miscreants as Asians, they’re Muslims from Pakistan and elsewhere in that region.

Brave 13-year-old girl punches paedo sex attacker and flees for life in Blackburn street

AN ASIAN man was being hunted by police today after a broad daylight sex attack on a 13-year-old girl.

The brave schoolgirl managed to escape by punching her attacker and running for her life along a busy street in Blackburn, Lancashire.


Shocking CCTV footage shows the harrowing moment the teenage girl fought off the sex attacker after he grabbed her from behind in the street.


A man was seen following the 13-year-old girl around 7pm on Wednesday June 14.


More here.  H/T: Tommy Robinson

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