#GardenofSweden : Multiple stabbings and ax attack in Stockholm…….


Suspect in attempted murder in central Stockholm

A man late on Wednesday evening, was stabbed in the back in the center of Stockholm. Later in the night another stabbing spree when a man was stabbed in a stairwell in Östberga, and in Nyköping a man was beaten with an ax.

The police were alerted about the attack on Kungsgatan in central Stockholm at 22.30 o’clock. Several perps having stabbed the man in the back then fled towards Haymarket.

– Witnesses have seen a young man being chased by 4-5 other men. Someone knocked him down to the ground and then have one of the other stabbed him with the knife, says Anders Mattsson, duty officer at the Stockholm police, to TT.

The man who was stabbed was talbar when police arrived at the scene, but there is no information if he knows who it is who attacked him. The injured, who is reported to have been stabbed in the back, was taken by ambulance to hospital. Police have not been able to question him. It is unclear how seriously hurt he is.

More here @ SVT in Swedish

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