Germany Islam in Germany

The German umma, a new purpose and faith as the country further slides into mohammedanism……..

Don’t say that we didn’t warn you…..


A Germany with a new purpose and new faith.

Michael Finch

Germany will be Islamic in about two decades.  The process by which this happens and the results of this transformation will be consequential beyond measure, not just for Europe, but for the world.  And Germany’s acceptance of Islam as its national religion will be peaceful and seamless.  In making this prediction, I am certainly not alone; many books are being written about the fall of Europe.  Yet while many assume this is the “end” of Europe, that the wave of Islamic immigration and migration will cause a collapse,. I am not so certain.


Europe is not “dying.”  Western Civilization as we have known it for two millenniums is dying, but Europe as a grouping of over 700 million people with technology and economies that match America and China is far from dying.


Germany, a little over 70 years after the utter destruction of the Third Reich and Hitler’s dream of ruling Europe, is now the dominant European power.  The Wehrmacht may not be blitzkrieging its way through France and Poland anymore, but Germany does rule Europe.  We call Europe weak, old and dying.  Maybe someday, but Germany, at this point in time, is none of those things.  Possessing the fourth largest economy in the world, with its exports and manufacturing, its education system and workforce, Germany’s financial might is anyone’s envy.  Berlin is the de facto European capital.

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