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Daniel Greenfield: Impeach Trump’s impeachers…….

Miserable leches….


They’re dirty and crooked as hell.

The rush to impeach President Trump is on by an opposition party that lacks the votes, evidence or legal basis for such a move. But since when did an illegal left-wing coup need any of those things?


No Dem has been more honest about the real motive for impeachment than Congressman Ted Lieu.


“We should not give him a chance to govern,” Lieu had declared after Trump had been in office for ten days. And he predicted that, “I do believe that if we win back the House of Representatives, impeachment proceedings will be started.”


What was the basis for impeaching President Trump after ten days in office? Lieu made it clear that if the Democrats won, they would try to impeach Trump no matter what.


That’s not how things work in the United States. But the left is running America like a banana republic.


More recently Lieu had mused that, “A recent poll came out saying that 46 percent of Americans want the president impeached, and certainly members of Congress take notice.”


And what better basis could there be for impeachment than popular Dem support for the move?


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