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US: President Trump rolls back Obama’s lame and dangerous policy towards Cuba…….


I hear blow-back by some on the Left that ”this is just partisan politics meant to deflate the ”Obama Legacy” (like that in itself is sacrosanct, though they immediately set to overturn Ronald Reagan’s). Also that this is a hypocritical move since there are rogue regimes around the world, like China and the US is not doing the same with them. Well, you do what you can where you can.

Trump Announces He’s Cancelling Obama’s ‘Completely One-Sided Deal With Cuba’

At an event in Miami on Friday, President Donald Trump announced changes in U.S. foreign policy toward Cuba.


Trump said he is rolling back former President Barack Obama’s steps towards normalization in U.S.-Cuba relations.


“With God’s help, a free Cuba is what we will soon achieve,” Trump said, declaring the Castro regime “barbaric.”


“Communism has destroyed every single nation where it has ever been tried.”


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