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Red Crescent chief tells of Hamas betrayal while delivering aid in Gaza: ”They launched rockets from field hospital”…….

Yet another verification of Hamas grossly violating international law by using medical facilities as staging grounds for attacks on Israel.


Do you remember ‘Rocket Girl’? The Tundra Tabloids made Aishi Zidani internationally famous in 2014 while working for the Helsingin Sanomat during the Gaza War, she let it slip that Hamas was firing rockets into Israel from the Shifa Hospital parking lot/immediate area. She now works for the Finnish state news, YLE.


NOTE: The Israeli MFA still has this video on their website as proof of Hamas’ human shield policy. Zidani was furious over the use of this video by the pro-Israel crowd.

Red Crescent chief tells of Hamas betrayal while delivering aid in Gaza

ABU DHABI // Emirates Red Crescent staff came under attack from Israel in response to Hamas fire from a Gaza hospital where they were working, the charity’s secretary general said at the Crown Prince’s Majlis on Monday night.


Mohammed Al Falahi said his organisation felt sacrificed after Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, fired on Israelis from the field hospital bringing retaliation from the Israelis.

Mr Al Falahi said the charity had coordinated with the Red Cross to distribute aid in Gaza during the 2014 conflict “and we asked them to liaise with the Israeli forces so they don’t strike us”.


“While we were in the field hospital that the UAE built, we were surprised by – and this is the first that we have announced this – someone from Hamas instigating Israeli forces by launching locally made rockets from the field hospital”, he said.


Inevitably, the Israelis hit back. “This shows their [Hamas’s] wicked intentions and how they sacrificed us,” Mr Al Falahi said. “They always claim that the enemy targets humanitarian envoys but the betrayal came from them.”


He said as the team were leaving Gaza “after having raised the white flag, Hamas accused us of being spies, undercover foreign intelligence who were escaping”.


“And apparently they had informed extremist militias in Sinai and Sheikh Zuweid [in Egypt] that there was a group making their way there, so prepare for jihad against them.


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