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Israel: Illegal Bedouin housing in the Negev…….

Not good, at all.

Not only that, the Israeli government is being (disastrously) sharia compliant in handing out the public dole according to how many wives these men have.

NOTE: These Arab oligarchs build huge edifices to themselves that generally overlook their poorer Arab neighbors. This is the one picture I took while visiting Shechem while on tour with Brian of London and Tommy Robinson in Israel.

These are Bedouin Homes – Saving the Negev (Part 1)

View the mansions that Bedouins have built on the land that Israel have given them for free in the Negev.

The government of Israel is trying to resolve the Bedouin illegal squatting issue in the Negev.


While there are several legal Bedouin towns, there’s a tremendous amount of illegal squatters taking over the entire Negev area.

These squatters live in temporary makeshift huts (and more often now, in illegally built permanent structures) on state land and hook up to water, electricity and other utilities illegally.


The government of Israel has offered both land and money to Bedouins based on the number of wives they have.


You heard that correctly. The more wives they have the more money and the more land Israel offers them.


More here.

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