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Netherlands: Hague mayor keeps mum on Muslim councilman’s incitement against Jewish kids visiting parliament…….

Israeli Ambassador Aviv Shir-on is still waiting for a response….

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The Hague Mayor silent on Muslim Councilman inciting remarks

Israeli ambassador Aviv Shir-on asked Pauline Krikke, Mayor of The Hague to condemn Muslim city council member Abdoe Khoulani, who had called a Group of Israeli high school students visiting the Dutch parliament “future Zionist terrorists, occupiers and those who murder children.”


Krikke refused to respond to Khoulani’s comments. (Remark: It is not the first time Krikke fails to act properly on Muslim misbehavior. When she was Mayor of Arnhem, she told volunteer Mehmet Shahin, who was harassed by Turkish Muslims, to “go into hiding,” rather than giving him police protection.)




NOTE: Pauline Krikke still dithering…..

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