Rome: Make human trafficking a crime against humanity……..

While you’re at it, make it a crime against humanity for temporary politicians to permanently screw future generations through crazy societal reorganization/ population transfer schemes.

‘Make human trafficking a crime against humanity’ say Europe’s police chiefs at Rome meet

European police and naval chiefs on Thursday called for migrant trafficking of the kind currently taking place in Libya to be declared a crime against humanity.

At talks in Rome, senior figures in the fight against the deadly trade said such a move would both draw attention to the gravity of the crimes they are trying to stop and make it easier to do so.

“Migrant trafficking as it takes place in Libya should be considered an international crime, a crime against humanity,” said Admiral Enrico Credendino, the head of a European naval force charged with combating trafficking in the Mediterranean.

Europol’s Robert Crepinko said it was time to redefine the nature of traffickers’ actions to better reflect their tragic impact.


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