Daniel Greenfield: Did Obama Dismantle Iran Terror Finance Investigations to Protect Cash Smuggling……?

The real corruption in government occurred under the Obama administration, and on such a level that it’s staggering. I believe that it’s exactly why they are ginning up a non story about Trump being in ‘collusion’ with the Russians, in order to hamper/derail and chance at getting to the bottom of those miserable 8 years.

NOTE: Remember, the Obama admin scuttled any investigation into any scandal that they were involved in.



While the media was pushing its Comey agenda, another hearing revealed something truly explosive about the White House and its relationship with an enemy state.

David Asher, who previously served as an adviser to Gen. John Allen at the Defense and State Departments, told the House Foreign Affairs Committee Thursday that top officials across several key law enforcement and intelligence agencies in the Obama administration “systematically disbanded” law enforcement activities targeting the terrorism financing operations of Iran, Hezbollah, and Venezuela in the lead-up to and during the nuclear negotiations with Tehran.
“Senior leadership, presiding, directing, and overseeing various sections [of these agencies] and portions of the U.S. intelligence community systematically disbanded any internal or external stakeholder action that threatened to derail the administration’s policy agenda focused on Iran,” he testified.
The United States squandered the chance “at a very low financial cost” to take apart Hezbollah’s finances, its global organization, and the Iran proxy’s ability to “readily terrorize us, victimize us, and run a criminal network through our shores, inside our banking systems—and in partnership with the world’s foremost drug cartels—target our state and society,” he said.
“We lost much of the altitude we had gained in our global effort, and many aspects including key personnel, who were reassigned, budgets that were slashed—many key elements of the investigations that were underway were undermined,” he said.
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