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Muslim mayor of London insists unable to track jihadis, however police round up 25 people for ‘islamofauxbic’ hates speech crimes……..


The Old Continent: 

London: Unable to track Jihadists but police arrests 25 people for “Islamophobic hate crimes”

Two days before the U.K. general elections, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan went on ITV’s Good Morning Britain. In a heated debate with host Pierce Morgan, he was grilled over not keeping tabs on jihadists returning from war zones. In response, he blamed cuts to the Metropolitan Police’s budget, which according to Sadiq Khan made it impossible for him to keep track of those returning home. He stated:

I can’t follow 400 people (…) the Met Police budget, roughly 15-20 percent is funded by me, the Mayor. The rest is funded by central government. If the Met Police budget is being shrunk and reduced, they’ve got to prioritise and use their resources in a sensible, savvy way.

So what is the sensible, savvy way to spend those ‘dwindling’ resources according to Mayor Sadiq Khan and the Metropolitan Police? In the space of a week, homegrown terrorists kill innocents in Birmingham and London, another two attacks in a long series of steadily worsening, Islamic-inspired, terrorist attacks. How do you respond to that? Mayor Khan’s response is clear: complaining on Facebook and Twitter about

a significant spike in incidents of hate crime and Islamaphobic incidents.”

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