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Sears removes ‘Paleostinian’ propaganda t-shirts from online store……

They better change their third party sales policy agreements, I hear the last time a controversy erupted about their online sales, it involved the selling of swastika T-shirts.

Sears has pledged to remove anti-Israeli apparel from its online store. 

The Sears department store has pledged to remove sweatshirts and t-shirts emblazoned with the slogan “Free Palestine, End Israeli occupation” and featuring a fist in the colors of the Palestinian flag from its online store.


Some shirts also sported the entire map of Israel under the “Free Palestine” slogan. A description of some of the shirts advises customers to “Make a statement about the Arab–Israeli conflict with this powerful design.”


A Sears representative told the World Jewish Congress on Tuesday that the company was committed to pulling the shirts, which were available for sale on through third-party seller, within 24 hours.


“We don’t sell items that are connected to politics,” the representative told the WJC.


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