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Israellycool: Coutrney Love slams Linda Sarsour as an antisemite, anti-American feminist fraud……..

It’s rather obvious that she is…..

Aussie Dave:

Courtney Love Cobain Rips Linda Sarsour For Being “Antisemite & Anti-American Fraud”

 File this under Surreal But Delightful: Singer and actress Courtney Love Cobain has gone after faux feminist Linda Sarsour in a big bad way.It started as a response to Sarsour’s claim that Muslim Somali woman Rahma Warsame was beaten up in a hate crime, before raising over $100,000 for her. The “hate crime” apparently did not happen, and Love Cobain took exception to what she sees as Sarsour’s fraud.

More here.

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  1. Fuck, for a woman who drove her man to suicide,(Or she got someone else to pull the trigger), she seems to have grown up since her Hole days,

  2. Good to see (part) Jewish celebs start to stand up for their tribe in their old age.

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